Blurring makes browsing safer

Know before you click.

Protect your browsing.

We automatically blur search results that lead to deceptive software and sites. We also blur ads so it's clear to you that they are ads.
Sadly, many people get tricked into installing deceptive software and clicking on tricky ads. helps keep your system clean, and it helps to stop mis-clicks.

No more inappropriate ads

You will feel safer when blurs these kinds of ads.

Fearless downloading

With you can protect your family from unsafe downloads.

Recognize Ads Immediately keeps you safe from tricky ads

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Premium version
Search result blurring yes
Deceptive software yes
Unsafe sites yes
Ad blurring yes
Misleading ads yes
Annoying ads yes
Online support yes
Fight internet fraud yes
Always blur ads yes
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$ 5.50 /mo
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Pay $42.00 every 12 months
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